laC Scanning

Security Built for Devs and DevOps

Integrate Wiz early in your development workflows to detect vulnerabilities, secrets, and misconfigurations in laC templates, container images, and VM images

The Wiz Way

Secure Your Cloud from Source to Production

Wiz simplifies cloud security operations by providing a single policy for both developers and security teams that spans all the way from source code to the running environments. Developers get security inputs immediately in code, while security teams can enforce and prioritize policies in the pipeline based on the risks in production. One policy, one tool, no silos.

Secure from the Start

Empower your developers to fix vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and exposed secrets proactively before deployment, making application delivery faster and more secure.

Learn from Runtime, Enforce in Code

Wiz performs a deep analysis of your running cloud environment to detect the most critical risks. This enables security teams to prioritize policy enforcement in the pipeline. Learn from the right, then shift to the left.

Unified Code and Cloud Policy

Enforce built-in Wiz policies and compliance frameworks across your cloud environments and IaC code, and build your own custom policies and frameworks using OPA’s Rego query language.

Full Cloud Configuration Lifecycle

Detect misconfigurations and secrets in IaC templates using 35+ supported compliance frameworks across Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM, Kubernetes, Helm, and Docker. Wiz monitors the same frameworks in your running cloud environments, detecting any drifts from policy.

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Full Container Security Lifecycle

Use a single policy to scan container images at build-time for vulnerabilities and secrets, preventing non-compliant images from being pushed to the registry. Then, integrate Wiz with your registry to scan images continuously before deployment. Finally, scan all containers at runtime against the same policy, ensuring compliance across the lifecycle.

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Golden VM Image Pipeline

Use Wiz to implement a golden VM image pipeline, hardening your images before distribution and ensuring all teams create instances from hardened VM images. Wiz assesses all running VMs in your environment against the same baseline to identify drifts or VMs instantiated from old or non-hardened images.

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Getting started is easy

Complete security for AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Alibaba Cloud, Kubernetes, and Openshift. Start securing your cloud with a 5 minute agentless install. Meet your new partner in cloud security.