Wiz and RegScale: Cloud security compliance management at scale

Learn how to achieve compliance security at scale with Wiz and RegScale, supporting a variety of compliance framework controls.

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Compliance is top of mind for many organizations, from medical companies following HIPAA regulations to retailers enforcing PCI security standards to any company that complies with GDPR.  

Following these requirements can be quite challenging. For starters, you need to fully understand each of the different frameworks by analyzing and  interpreting their categories and controls. Then, using assessment tools and manual inputs  from  your organization, you compile a list of all your resources with their configurations and carefully map them to their corresponding compliance framework controls. 

Compliance Heatmap in Wiz

Considering that the full process needs to be properly documented, logged, and monitored – we are looking at a very delicate, time-consuming and error-prone process. How can you really make sure you have everything covered? For example, how do you  identify all  the gaps in your compliance posture? A misconfigured cloud asset could affect your entire compliance posture. You need to integrate, log, and monitor  different inputs from various tools, as well as automatically map such an issue to its relevant category within the framework. This is where the Wiz and RegScale joint solution could help. A lot.  

With Wiz, you gain full visibility of your cloud footprint, period. Wiz scans every resource across your entire cloud stack and multi-cloud environment using an agentless, 100% API approach, that deploys in minutes. As part of its security assessment, Wiz also provides an automatic compliance analysis.  By mapping industry standards and benchmarks (CIS, GDPR, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.) to in-product Controls, Wiz continuously assesses your compliance posture across frameworks, projects, and subscriptions. If this is not enough, you can also import or simply create your own custom framework.

Wiz  provides a native integration with RegScale  in order to help you manage your compliance program at scale.  

API-first integration strategies enable best-in-class companies to partner together for their customers with remarkable agility and security. Wiz and RegScale’s partnership is a case study in shifting security and compliance left rapidly.

Karl Mattson
CISO of NoName Security
Compliance by framework in Wiz

Mutual customers can pull Wiz  Controls and their compliance framework mapping into the RegScale platform. RegScale will parse the results from Wiz, create multiple assessments against the security Controls, log the results/evidence, create issues in RegScale and ITIL platforms for remediation, and update the system security plans ensuring your compliance documentation is continuously up to date. 

Managing Security and maintaining Compliance are two of the most important aspects of a CISOs job. With the seamless integration of tools like Wiz and RegScale continuous compliance platform, we now not only have a line of sight on the real time state of our security but also the ability to dynamically generate formatted compliance documentation that is real time, dynamic and complete to satisfy our various Federal Partners and Auditors.

U.S. State Agency CISO

Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about how Wiz agentless cloud security solution can assist you with your cloud assets compliance and integrate with RegScale to holistically deliver continuous cloud security and compliance for your organization.


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