Agentless scanning

Wiz connects in minutes via API and achieves full coverage across PaaS resources, virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions without disrupting your business operations or requiring ongoing maintenance. It scales to any cloud environment with zero impact on resource or workload performance.

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Foundational risk assessment

Continuously enforce correct configurations across cloud resources and monitor workloads for vulnerabilities, malware, and exposed secrets across packages, libraries, and applications. Wiz also calculates the net effective permissions so you can achieve least privilege access. Wiz provides a comprehensive analysis engine that integrates:

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)
  • Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP) + vulnerability management
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) scanning
  • Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

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Graph visualization

The Wiz Security Graph shows the interconnections between technologies running in your cloud environment and immediately visualizes the pathways to a breach. Query complex relationships across cloud layers enriched with meaningful context, all from a single console.

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Toxic combinations

Proactively and systemically eliminate risk by focusing on the issues that actually matter. Wiz continuously analyzes configurations, vulnerabilities, network, identities and access, secrets, and more across accounts, users, and workloads to discover the critical issues that combined represent the real risk.

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Threat Center

Immediately identify workload exposure to the latest vulnerabilities sourced from Wiz Research along with numerous third-party threat intelligence feeds. Take remediation action with a single click or via automation rules.

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Automations and developer tools

Empower developers with the tools they need. Wiz gives development teams direct visibility into the infrastructure and applications they own with role-based access control. More than 35 pre-built integrations and the ability to create custom automation flows easily routes issues to the right teams for remediation. Wiz integrates into CI/CD pipelines with a single policy framework that prevents issues from even being deployed.

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Cloud Detection and Response

Bring the power of context into post-breach detection and incident response. Validate network exposure with Dynamic Scanner, simulating what a potential attacker sees from outside your environment. Enrich the Wiz Security Graph with cloud events and alerts from AWS CloudTrail, Azure Activity Logs, GCP Cloud Audit Logs, and Amazon GuardDuty, to perform forensics at scale during a potential unfolding threat. Extend Wiz malware scanning with custom threat feeds.

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Advanced control

Deeper cloud analysis to uncover the most sophisticated and hidden risks rapidly. Automated attack path analysis (APA) discovers complex chains of exposures and lateral movement paths to immediately surface the end-to-end attack paths that lead to high value assets such as admin accounts or critical data stores. Runtime container scanning is further enhanced with container registry scanning to identify vulnerable and non-compliant container images regardless of whether they are in use or not.

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Advanced workflow

Cloud environments perform optimally when processes are highly automated, which requires numerous points of integration into existing workflows across different teams. Secure auto-remediation, custom dashboards, rules, and reports can be built per cloud project. Pre-built integrations with third-party agents, ServiceNow VR, and managed Wiz Outpost deployment enable specialized customizations for any cloud environment.

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Getting started is easy

Complete security for AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Alibaba Cloud, Kubernetes, and Openshift. Start securing your cloud with a 5 minute agentless install. Meet your new partner in cloud security.